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At 1776 supply co. the shooter is our #1 priority,period.
Welcome to the 1776 supply co. revoloution

As shooters ourselves, 1776 Supply Co. demands perfection. We hold our products and ourselves to the same standards we would expect from our firearms. If we wouldn’t run it, we don’t sell it.

Have somthing your searchin for? Have Somthing you would like to see on our site? Or maybe a special request? let us Know! A team member would be glad to work with you on your custom build. Nothin is out reach.

Gun builds are the name of the game here at 1776 supply co,and they come first.We are always scouring for the newest and best weapon products.Our mission is to bring you custom kits for unbelievable firearm builds,and on our mission failure is not an option.

Our team

The driving force behind what is 1776 supply co.
Matthew Markanson

Matthew Markanson

Cerakote Applicator/Manager
"Creativity is Contagious, Finish Strong and Pass it on"
Joshua M. Markanson

Joshua M. Markanson

President, C.E.O ''Uncle Knuckles''
     Joshua Markanson  President/C.E.O ''Blood has never been thicker than water,The title of brother is...
Carlos A. Espinoza

Carlos A. Espinoza

Technician/Sales '' Sin Nombre''
”Victory is simple, you just have to think smarter, train Harder, and be faster than your...
Crystal O. Markanson

Crystal O. Markanson

VP/Business Manager ''La Santa Muerte''
Crystal Markanson V.P of sales. ''That cold chill of death in your spine.....That's no chill, Its Santa...

Join the 1776 supply co revolution.

We offer fun and exiting firearm builds with custom furiture andaccessories. #DIYGuns Made by you, for you.

-Stay strapped

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