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Flat Rate (Free Signature Req included)

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  • AR-15 CARBINE Length Gas Tube

    Omega Mfg sets the standard for high quality parts. These replacement components will provide excellent fit and reliable function in your AR series rifle and are perfect for upgrading existing components or replacing worn or broken parts. Fit and finish of this gas tube is superb.  Roll Pin included. Rated for full auto fire!  We finally came out with our own 100% USA made gas tube, and they are arguably one of the best gas tubes on the market.  Finished to the highest MIL-SPEC requirements – they are that nice!  Gas check is perfectly formed, polished and finished to provide one of the best gas tubes made.

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  • AR Stainless Gas Tube MID size

    This is a stainless steel gas tube for AR-15. This gas tube will fit mid length AR-15 builds.

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  • 1776 Supply Co. Signature TEE

    This is our 1776 supply co. signature TEE. Show your support for your favorite freedom fighting crew in style with our signature bad ass TEE.

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  • SIG P320 80% mup-1 PISTOL FRAME INSERT

    Here it is! What We have all been waiting for. Sig 320 80 percent modular frame! Now you can build your sig 320 or 250 in your own home! Want a full kit? Check out our complete kits.

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  • AR-15 Alpha Mil-Spec Stock Kit

    The Alpha Stock is the latest innovations to the gun world. Manufactured from durable reinforced polymer and capped with a comfortable, heat resistant rubber cheek pad and recoil reducing butt-pad the Alpha Stock offers tight fitting, dependable, no wobble functionality and adds a great look and feel to your AR carbine all while coming in at a lighter weight than similar stocks on the market today.

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  • Ar-15 custom dress up Parts Kit

    This is a set of enhancement parts for your AR-15 rifle.You can now pick what ever cerakote color you like to this kit.Just pick a color from the color diagram in the gallery,then during checkout in the notes section tell us what color you want your kit to be.Add a flare and exciting look to your rifle with this kit that also features an upgraded Ambi safety. Wondering what was next for your rifle? The mystery is over.

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  • AR-15 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit

    This is the classic style AR-15 lower parts kit. Everything you need to drop the necessary inner workings of your next build in one kit. ‘Cause after all, what is a lower without a parts kit?

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  • Micro Flip Up Iron Sights set

    These are rapid transition flip up sights for rifles equipped with rails.These are durable, accurate and a great set of sights if your running an optic,or just want some reliable iron sights.

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  • AR-15 Upper Receiver Raw

    AR-15 Stripped Upper Raw Receiver

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  • AR-10/.308 80% Raw Lower

    This is a billet 308 80 percent frame that screams workmanship.The lower receiver the foundation of any AR-10 and this receiver is a fine wat to start your next build.Cerakote it,dip it ,polish it,or leave just as it is, its your choice. These loers are hear and ready to please.


    Rail alignment fixture to install the lower bolt guide rails in 1mm receivers. The rails clamp inside the fixture which inserts into the trunnion to keep the rails even with the trunnion.

    The main body of the fixture goes in the receiver first and is bolted to the receiver and trunnion. Then the rails are clamped in the front with the screw and clamp. Be sure to push the rails in so they touch the back of the front trunnion.  The rear most section of the rails need to be leveled with the top rail from front to back by measuring down from the top rail then c-clamped in place. Then a weld on the front and rear of each rail is made to hold them in place so the fixture can be removed to finish all welds on the rails.

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    Made from 4150 Chrome Moly steel and ” Chrome Lined ” , Gas Port not drilled, outer suface in the white.

    These are made to fit the Romanian, Polish Underfolder, Egyptian Maadi parts kits as well as other standard 7.62 kits.  Will not work with Yugo M70’s.

    Marked 7.62 USA

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  • AR15 M4 Pistol Grip w/Storage

    AR-15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip is an excellent upgrade to your stock pistol grip. The Omega Mfg AR-15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip is well made using high quality polymer and has a storage compartment for 2x CR123 Batteries. The pistol grip has ergonomic finger grooves and thumb rest for a better fit that will enhance handling and accuracy.

    Don’t use some suspect quality pistol grip for  your AR rifle Ours are made from  DuPont Nylon 6.6 a Standard of Quality.

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  • Omega Mfg Vise Block Set

    An essential tool for any AR15 tinkerer or builder. The AR15 Upper Vise Block is constructed of black injection molded polymer. It’ll accomodate any milspec upper receiver. Once the upper receiver is secured on the vise block, it allows you to clamp it down onto a bench vise for any work that needs to be performed on your upper receiver. It securely holds your upper receiver in place while you assemble/disassemble your upper, clean your upper, or make any repairs. Match this upper vise block with our lower vise block for the complete AR enthusiast at-home gunsmith kit. comes with the magazine block too so you can do the operations on the lower too.

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  • AR15 M4 7.5″ Pistol 5.56 .223 Nitride/Melonite

    Super high quality barrel ,
    Made from the highest quality E.R Shaw Barrel Blanks
    Then finished with the best finish avail By H&M coatings
    giving you a barrel that will last for Years and Years
    with a barrel life of 45,000+ this barrel will be in service
    well into the next century !
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  • AR-15 7.5″ Stainless Steel Barrel

    This is a 7.5 in Ar-15 barrel that shouts excellence. Chambered in .223 WYLDE,this barrel is designed to get optimum performance out of both .223 and 5.56.With a gorgouse 416R stainless steel construction, you will get style and durability outta this barrel.

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  • Competition Match 1911 Trigger – Long Pad / Skeletonized

    Add Adjustable, lightweight competition style to your 1911.This trigger is a stylish way to add trigger adjustability to your weapon ,and its as easy as turning an allen wrench.As well as being adjustable the trigger is aluminum constructed,with a skeletonized look that adds an eye catching feature to you favorite 1911.lookin for a trigger?I think found it.

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  • 1911 Punisher Style Comp

    Add a stylish look to your 1911 with this ”punisher” style 1911 compensator.As well as looking really B.A,these compensators are great for reducing muzzle climb and making that follow up shot that much easier.This comp is sure to make your 1911 an attractive nail driver.

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  • AR-Stoner Barrel AR-15 5.56x45mm NATO M4 Contour 1 in 9″ Twist 16″ Chrome Moly Phosphate

    This AR-Stoner M4-Contour AR-15 Barrel is fully chambered and ready for installation onto a host upper receiver. The barrel features a true 5.56x45mm NATO Chamber for use with both commercial and military surplus ammunition, while the 1 in 9″ Twist Rifling is capable of stabilizing light to medium weight projectiles of up to about 69 grains. The barrel’s M4 Contour sheds excess weight and bulk, and comes complete with the military standard M203 cut. This barrel is an excellent choice for a low budget, general purpose AR rifle build that’s perfectly suited for use at the range, in a 3-Gun match, or in the field pursuing game. Barrel extension and locator pin are both included and factory installed.

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    one of the best things from poland since the sausage,and this one wont give you heart burn!Just because this was made in Poland doesn’t mean it will only work with a Polish AK kit.  This beauty will work with any AK47 1mm stamped parts kit as long as the correct holes are drilled.  You can make it a Romanian fixed stock, Polish Underfolder, Romanian Underfolder, Kyber Pass, Maadi, AMD65, AMD63, M92 or anything that has a 7.62 magwell on a 1mm receiver.

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  • 1911 (full rail) 80% frame.


    Here they are! Full length 1911 frames are here! Now you can have the 1911 frame or build you have always wanted with a full rail to attach any accessories you want.Want it in a custom color? Look at the custom color chart in the gallery and find a color you like .Then select either black or custom color from the drop down menu,then during checkout in the notes section tell us what custom color you want your frame to be.Its that easy! JUST as a Heads up this frame is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PHANTOM JIG OUT OF THE BOX.We can machine phantom jigs at an additional cost to accept full rail frames.If you purchase a complete 1911 build kit with the full rail and jig we machine the phantom jig at no additional cost.

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  • 80% AR10 DPMS Lower

    This 80 percent Ar-10/308 is an excellent way to start the rifle of your dreams.This lower has an integrated trigger gaurd as well as a broached magwell.The heart and soul of your next 308 build is just clicks away.

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  • AR-15 buffer tube kit

    This is a classic style buffer tube to finish your next AR-15 build.High strength aluminum ,at mil-spec tolerances and dimensions.When you thread this pepper into the end of your lower receiver,you will know you made the right choice.

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  • A-2 birdcage muzzle device

    The A2 Birdcage Flash Hider is designed to reduce muzzle flash on a standard 1/2″x 28″ threaded barrel. The A2 Birdcage Flash Hider is a great way to add a custom look to your barrel.

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  • .223 5.56 micro gas block

    this micro gas block is designed to flawlessly go underneath a quad rail.Can go on a new free float build.of to replace that A2 gas block to something different.

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