3D Printed COMPLETE Kits

3D Printed COMPLETE Kits

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    (EARLY RELEASE,PREORDER) the moment you all have been waiting for is here! THE KRISSTY MAC is now available to all to be built in your very own home! The freedom company dev team worked tirelessly to design and bring to one of the coolest designs, and builds guncad has ever seen. KRISSTY MAC is a 9mm PDW that takes some of the most common parts around.  The PDW takes Glock mags, so any Glock mags you  have laying around are compatible with this build. This kit COMES WITH EVERYTHING NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE KIT INCLUDING THE FILES!! These first limited edition releases of the KRISTY MAC come with extras from the dev team as well as certificates to show these are the first KRISSTY MAC to be built by the public. The Limited edition release kits also comes with FILES ONLY FOUND IN THE LIMITED RELEASE!! buyers are also getting early access to the KRISSTY MAC files before pubic release.THESE ENSURE YOU GET A KRISSSTY MAC BEFORE THEY SELL OUT.


    Its finally here!!! This is a a complete 3d printed build kit for the lotus 3d build kit!! this is  a limited run and we are only goin  to do a certain amount of these as complete build kits. you will be able to build lotuses in the future ,but will have to source pieces separately. This  build is absolutely awesome!! the printed upper and lower makes this build possible for more people. A futuristic mac 11 look, paired with how easy a build it is makes this an amazing build for anyone to get into. Get yours today before their gone!!

  • THE STAKK-X by Krrawn

    This thing is finally available!!! BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!!! This is a complete 3d build kit for the STAKK.-X 9mm.THis is a limited run and will not be available for long, This build was designed from the ground up with perfection and performance in mind. Designed by an avid figure in our community. KRRAWN with a little help from 1776 brought one the most amazing builds to date to reality. Every millimeter of this build was carefully designed and is unique. From the precise texture, the thick stable size of the grip, the flared magwell, the lightning cuts, the RMR cuts, even the color choice of stainless slide  black frame and red accents. Every piece was meticulously crafted to created a 1 of a kind performance weapon design. Don’t miss out on this deal and opportunity to get your hands on a very limited build that everyone will be after. Each build comes with  a certificate of authenticity that is personally signed and wet stamp certifying ,and letting you know which number of this limited run you were lucky to receive. What are you waiting for? get your STAKK -x today.


    THIS THING IS FINALLY AVAILABLE! when printed this kit is one the best looking builds out there. This is our LIMITED edition FREEDOM-3D 19 complete build kit. This kit has all the parts needed to assemble a build. This kit comes with a complete OEM upper with rear serrations, OEM GLOCK sights, and OEM eternals and recoil spring. The kit comes with our OEM lower parts kit and all the rails ,pins and locking blocks needed for THE FREEDOM-3D 19 FRAME.


    This is one of the coolest 3d build kits ever designed , and put together! This build kit comes with all the parts needed to manufacture or print your own revenant chambered in 9mm! The revenant is a bi product of the dev collab 2022.Many great great minds from all over the country came together to bring you an amazing pdw. The revenant is 9mm, ump like PDW that looks and operates like a $3000 operating system. Everyone has been waiting for it and they are finally here.

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