Built Rifle Uppers

Built Rifle Uppers

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    We are proud to announce the long-awaited release of the JAKL build kit ! This platform is built around a 6105 monolithic upper receiver designed to be compatible with our Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver. The JAKL offers a buffer system that is fully captured in the upper receiver, shortening the overall length of the firearm. Completed with a rear Picatinny stock adapter, which allows for a side-folding brace,or any brace system / accessories to be attached  to be securely attached to the firearm. The JAKL features a long-stroke piston design with a Carpenter 158 bolt and 4340 carrier that are an AK/AR hybrid. The side charging handle is ambidextrous, allowing the user to change positions to the left or right side of the receiver without the use of tools. Equipped with a tool-less 4-position gas block, this feature offers the ability to quickly adjust your gas block by hand when needed. Field stripping and removal of the JAKL carrier, recoil assembly, and sled assembly can all be done without tools for effortless cleaning. THIS KIT COMES WITH EVERYTHING NEEDED TO BUILD A BUFFERLESS, PISTON DRIVEN , 5.56 RIFLE ON YOUR OWN. This RIFLE KIT IS AMAZING, AND GIVES YOU THE ABILITY TO BUILD A RIFLE COMPARABLE TO OTHER $3000 PLATFORM FOR A THIRD OF THE COST.SLEEK RELIABLE ,AND EFFECIENT THIS RIFLE CAN EVEN FIRE WHILE FOLDED,ALL WHILE BEING AN AR-15 PLATFORM RFLE THAT WHILL TAKE MOST AR-15 ACCESSORIES.

  • 3D-G2C complete kit W/FREE FILES

    The new 3d printed kits are here!! This kit comes with everything needed to print, and complete a G2C in your home. This is the most complete 3d print kit to date!! This kit comes with everything needed to get the job done .(BRAND NEW PARTS,MAGAZINE,TRIGGER LOCK,EXTRA SIGHTS,NEVER BEEN SHOT PARTS)This kit is designed to take 3d printed firearms building and put it in the normal persons hands. This is the new age of firearms building, this is where the future of firearms is going. Start your future build today. Contained on the SD card are two different files, ONE FILE IS THE 1776,MODIFIED,PRINT READY GCODE  . THE SECOND FILE IS A RAW,UNPRINTABLE STL FILE  OF THE FREEMAN FILE. The micro SD has A G2C file loaded and set up for print. Just load this into your 3d printer and your off!! You are 1 click away from 3d printing your very own G2C at home. We did all modifications necessary to the 1776 file beforehand to give you the most successful print. Make sure your bed is level ,and not to far or to close to the nozzle ,a paper thickness is a great place to start. Don’t forget the Adhesion stick  .  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V11vW50Cv9s&t=40s

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