AK Smithing

AK Smithing

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  • Ghost gunner 3 CNC machine


    Ghost Gunner 3 allows you to manufacture firearms with confidence and ease, in the privacy of your own home. GG3 removes material 5 times faster than GG2 and the new unibody construction provides greater rigidity,  drastically improving finished part quality.

    The custom spindle is powered by a specially designed closed-loop digital VFD, which sets a new standard in desktop CNC machining. GG3 ships with code to complete 80% AR-15AR-308M1911Polymer 80 and AK-47 lowers and frames. All existing jigs are compatible with GG3.

  • AK Rivet Set

    These are hands down the best rivet sets on the market today! These have the correct swell necks for the countersunk holes in the trunnions.You can’t find more complete rivet sets with the different sizes of rivets with the correct style heads almost anywhere.Look no further,your rivets are here!

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    one of the best things from poland since the sausage,and this one wont give you heart burn!Just because this was made in Poland doesn’t mean it will only work with a Polish AK kit.  This beauty will work with any AK47 1mm stamped parts kit as long as the correct holes are drilled.  You can make it a Romanian fixed stock, Polish Underfolder, Romanian Underfolder, Kyber Pass, Maadi, AMD65, AMD63, M92 or anything that has a 7.62 magwell on a 1mm receiver.

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