1911 Smithing

1911 Smithing

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  • Ghost gunner 3 CNC machine


    Ghost Gunner 3 allows you to manufacture firearms with confidence and ease, in the privacy of your own home. GG3 removes material 5 times faster than GG2 and the new unibody construction provides greater rigidity,  drastically improving finished part quality.

    The custom spindle is powered by a specially designed closed-loop digital VFD, which sets a new standard in desktop CNC machining. GG3 ships with code to complete 80% AR-15AR-308M1911Polymer 80 and AK-47 lowers and frames. All existing jigs are compatible with GG3.

  • 1911 Jig Rail Cutter

    Extra Rail cutter inserts for the Phantom Jig to replace a broken one or to help cut steel frames. Our Rail cutter inserts are made of tungsten carbide and designed to fit in the Phantom Jig to assist in cutting the rails for the 1911 frame.

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  • 1911 Phantom Jig

    introducing Stealth Arms’ revolutionizing Phantom Jig! Stealth Arms has made it dummy proof to complete an 1911 80% Frame WITHOUT the need for a milling machine! With their patent pending Phantom Jig, you will have everything needed to bring your 1911 80% Frame to completion and ready to accept parts.Now in your own home ,build tthe 1911 you have always wanted!

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