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  • SG-22 / Tubee-22 Barrel and comp combo.

    The wait is over ! The answer to your SG-22 ,D5K and your Tubee-22 barrel debacle is here! These are barrel and comp combos that will drop right in to your new, or existing SG-22 or tubee-22 build. Designed specifically for your 22lr bolt conversion these kits are more reliable than any other option on the market, and more importantly AVAILABLE!!!!  Not to mention the barrel and comp combo give your build a great look that is sure to turn some heads. With stainless and black options ,you have a choice to either build a sleek black build, or install a barrel that matches your stainless bolt. What are you waiting for? lets finish that build!!

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  • Glock 43 | 43X Barrel

    1776 Supply Co has brought you THE BEST Glock 43 drop in Barrel on the market. Complete your 9mm Glock slide with our dependable, elegant 43/43x Barrel.

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  • AR15 M4 7.5″ Pistol 5.56 .223 Nitride/Melonite

    Super high quality barrel ,
    Made from the highest quality E.R Shaw Barrel Blanks
    Then finished with the best finish avail By H&M coatings
    giving you a barrel that will last for Years and Years
    with a barrel life of 45,000+ this barrel will be in service
    well into the next century !
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