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  • brass replacement Nozzle 0.4

    Most 3D printers come with a brass nozzle and there’s a very good reason for it. Brass has great thermal conductive properties meaning it transfers heat from your heater block to nozzle to filament much more efficiently than other nozzle materials.Brass does however have it’s drawbacks which is why other nozzle materials have been introduced in the 3D printing field. Brass happens to be a relatively soft metal meaning if it scrapes the bed surface or you print with abrasive filament, it can wear down and damage your nozzles.A brass nozzle is usually fine when printing non-abrasive filament such as PLA and ABS without certain additives. When you have additives like glass, carbon fiber or metal particles it will increase it’s abrasiveness and be more likely to damage a brass nozzle.The damage that tends to happen is grooves and ridges on the inner part of the nozzle, closing off the nozzle hole, or increasing the diameter of the hole making it unusable- .Most people that 3D print are usually printing with PLA, ABS or similar materials that aren’t abrasive.In these cases, a good quality brass nozzle will do more than fine, although you could do with an upgrade compared to some of the factory brass nozzles you get with your 3D printer.

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  • Stainless Steel Nozzle 0.4

    This is the first upgrade you want to do to your 3d printing freedom machine. This stainless steel tip is perfect for a cleaner, more consistent print, as well as longevity for your builds. Stainless Steel is one of the other popular nozzle materials that you’ll see people using. It’s main benefit over the brass nozzles is it’s better wear-resistance. Stainless Steel nozzles are great at fighting against abrasive filaments and not getting worn down. The main unique property of stainless steel nozzles is their ability to prevent filament covering the nozzle, so it stays cleaner than most other nozzles. You can use Stainless Steel nozzles for basically any material. The other main benefits that Stainless Steel nozzles have over the other nozzles is it’s food-safe and medical-grade properties. It can safely be used in applications where food will be involved as it has been accepted by the FDA of being food-safe. Other nozzles don’t share this same benefit. That is it’s main use, it can print with abrasive materials but Hardened Steel is better suited to this.

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  • Hardened Steel Nozzle 0.4

    This is the first upgrade you want to do to your 3d printing freedom machine. This hardened steel tip is perfect for a cleaner, more consistent print, as well as longevity for your builds. This tip will help hold temperature more consistently without hotspots and with help you on the way for the best prints possible. A worn out nozzle will result in prints not wanting to stick to your printing board. Make sure you have hardened steel tips if you are printing with an abrasive filament. Hardened Steel nozzles are the next step up in wear-resistance compared to Stainless Steel nozzles.This is simple steel that has been specially treated to be extremely wear-resistant and can last users a year and beyond with heavy use. You definitely want to be using hardened steel nozzles when you plan to print with abrasive filament.

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  • Creality Ender Enclosure Fireproof and Dustproof for Ender 3V2/ Ender 3 pro

    This is your fireproof enclosure for the ender 3v2 and ender 3 pro. This enclosure is necessary for builds that  require ultra high strength nylon filament. This keeps the heat in and out for your high strength builds.


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    This is the Ender 3v2 creality 3D printer. This printer is perfect for all your 3d printed firearm needs. easy to use, quiet and most of all AFFORDABLE!!! This printer is a breeze to set up and plug in and you will be printing your own parts and recievers in no time. This is the new age of firearms builds…period. That polymer lower on your OEM Glock or 80% build?…..How about the polymer receiver on some  Ar-15s and HK’s? you can now print them ,cheaper and easier than ever before. No more paying $150 a frame for a polymer  80% Glock frame. Now print them at home for personal use .The new age of the firearm builder is here.G et your cyber punk on today!

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