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    Talk about a must have HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!?? This a must have for any builder that looking to stand out ,and have something that no-one else has. introducing the GLOCKNOVSKY!! This is exactly what it looks like a true DOUBLE GLOCK 19!!! This kit has everything you need to print, build and own you very own unique Glocknovsky.This build will take all oem glock parts and accessories.This kit is designed to take 3d printed firearms building and put it in the normal persons hands. This is the new age of firearms building, this is where the future of firearms is going. Start your future build today. Contained on the SD card are two different files, ONE FILE IS THE 1776,MODIFIED,PRINT READY GCODE  . THE SECOND FILE IS A RAW,UNPRINTABLE STL FILE  OF IPS FILEThe micro SD has A  Glocknovsky file loaded and set up for print. Just load this into your 3d printer and your off!! You are 1 click away from 3d printing your very own meme gun at home. We did all modifications necessary to the 1776 file beforehand to give you the most successful print. Make sure your bed is level ,and not to far or to close to the nozzle ,a paper thickness is a great place to start. Don’t forget the Adhesion stick .THE FILE IS FREE

  • Glock channel liner tool.


    A necessity for any Glock Armorer, or shooters tool box. This is the perfect tool for installing the Channel Liner. Device is calibrated so the channel liner is installed perfectly each time.

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