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  • Freedom Mac Trunnions

    This is a set of trunnions for all freedom co dev team 3d print builds that have a printed upper. No longer do you have to search endlessly for a complete mac upper to finish your builds. Now just print and build them!!!

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    This is a complete hardware kit for your printed freedom mac printed upper. The upper that is produced with this  hardware kit is compatible and interchangeable with all the mac 11 projects that were released by freedom co dev team. As of now there are 11 mac designs that utilize the printed upper and take away the need to find a metal mac-11 upper for your builds.

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    Its finally here!!! This is a a complete 3d printed build kit for the lotus 3d build kit!! this is  a limited run and we are only goin  to do a certain amount of these as complete build kits. you will be able to build lotuses in the future ,but will have to source pieces separately. This  build is absolutely awesome!! the printed upper and lower makes this build possible for more people. A futuristic mac 11 look, paired with how easy a build it is makes this an amazing build for anyone to get into. Get yours today before their gone!!

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