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  • Micro SD – LOTUS print ready

    This is a reusable micro SD that is THE LOTUS AND IS  print ready. Contained on the SD card are two different files, ONE FILE IS THE 1776,MODIFIED,PRINT READY GCODE based on the NOFSKY INDUSTRIES  GLOCKNOFSKY 19. THE SECOND FILE IS A RAW,UNPRITABLE STL FILE  OF THE LOTUS. The micro SD has A LOTUS file loaded and set up for print. Just load this into your 3d printer and your off!! You are 1 click away from 3d printing your very own LOTUS at home. We did all modifications necessary to the 1776 file beforehand to give you the most successful print. Make sure your bed is level ,and not to far or to clos to the nozzle ,a paper thickness is a great place to start. Don’t forget the Adhesion stick .


    Its finally here!!! This is a a complete 3d printed build kit for the lotus 3d build kit!! this is  a limited run and we are only goin  to do a certain amount of these as complete build kits. you will be able to build lotuses in the future ,but will have to source pieces separately. This  build is absolutely awesome!! the printed upper and lower makes this build possible for more people. A futuristic mac 11 look, paired with how easy a build it is makes this an amazing build for anyone to get into. Get yours today before their gone!!

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