1776 Headshot coffee

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This is 1776 supply co.’s Headshot Ground coffee.1776 supply co. worked tirelessly to bring you one of the best tasting,HIGH  caffeine coffee’s available. This coffee is  very strong, both in flavor and caffeine,And is Richly chocolatey in the best Robusta tradition. Excellent with milk and sugar, or sweetened with condensed milk, it is also very low in acid so can be drank black even by individuals who are sensitive to acidity. Headshot is high in body and crema and makes a fabulous espresso. Our coffee is roasted , ground and packaged here at 1776 supply co. with the care and quality control that we put to our gun builds and parts. When you place an order for a bag of our coffee its prepared and ground then, NOT BEFORE! This insures a quality and freshness that you would expect from us,and a small batch coffee.

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What does full bodied mean?

  • coffee with a full body is a coffee with a heavy taste, it has a complex and overlapping variety of tastes, which add up to a rich and flavorful feeling in the mouth.

product specification

  • Low acidity
  • Ground for typical drip through style coffee
  • 1 lb bag of 100% Headshot coffee
  • medium roast
  • Full body
  • smooth finish
  • Ground with a flat burr grinder
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