1911 BUILD KIT ss/ss


There is nothing like a 1911. Now you can build your very own 1911 in your home. These are 1911 tactical kits that come with awesome upgrades right out of the box! These kit come with a skeletonized adjustable trigger,skeletonized hammer,rubberized grips, Novak front and rear sights and a Dovetailed grip safety! What more could you ask for!

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  • Slide GI serration Front & Black
  • Barrel length: 5 inch Grooves: 6
  • Completely machined parts
  • Novak dovetail rear sights cutvak dovetail
  • Novak dovetail front sight cut
  • Sights installed
  • Caliber 45 ACP
  • Cal 45 ACP marking ( top chamber )
  • Complete machined set of 1911 caliber 45 small parts
  • 1911 caliber 45 small parts have a nice Parkerized Finished
  • Trigger Pull: 4-6 lbs Adjustable.
  • Length of twist: 1 in 6″
  • Weight Unloaded: 2.56 lbs Loaded: 2.82 lbs
  • Stealth Arms 80% Tactical Gov’t Frame.. Raw,black of custom color.
  • No FFL is required to purchase this 80% 1911 kit. This 80% 1911 build kit is not considered a firearm and is compliant with the gun control act of 1968 as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3).This is not an FFl item due the machining required to finish the product.Under BATF this is not a firearm.Operations left to be performed are:
    • Cutting of the rails
    • Cutting of the barrel seat.
    • Drilling of the sear pin hole
    • drilling of the Hammer pin hole

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Weight 2.08 lbs
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