These are 5” 22lr barrel liners for for your proto barrel builds. Weather your are building a tubee-22 ,D5k,or sg-22 if you want to make your own proto barrel this is the liner you use.

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All the liners / blanks we sell have been tested and can withstand the pressure of the round they are chambered for standalone.

Barrel Liner Specifications

Outside Diameter of .370″ for 3 15/16″ & 5 1/2″

Chambered for 22 Long Rifle. (Now chambered full SAAMI Specifications)

Rifle dimensions for our 22 Long Rifle barrel liners are .224″/.217″ with 6 lands and .05″ wide.

All 22 Long Rifle Barrel Liners 6″ and Less have a twist rate of 1-12.”

We do not recommend Re-Chambering 22 Long Rifle barrel liners for a different round, for instance, changing 22 lr to 22 mag.

Button-rifled! Made for people who would like to restore accuracy to older guns with rusted, pitted or just worn out barrels. To install, first drill out existing rifling with a drill a little larger than the liner you are installing. For best results, we would recommend grinding or having someone grind a pilot on the drill about the size of the current rifling because this will keep it centered better , then solder the Barrel Liner in place. Or you can also use JB Weld or Acraglas gel because we have had many customers say they worked well.

Some might consider using our 22 Long Rifle barrel liners / blanks for your barrel applications such as custom builds.

WARNING: Our Gun barrel liners are made and tested for the rounds they are chambered for. Only use with the specified rounds. It is dangerous to chamber these gun barrel liners in other calibers and can cause serious bodily injury.

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