43 long build kit


They are finally here! After what seemed like the longest wait of all time the 43 long build build kits are here! Now you can build your very own single stack 43 long style pistol in your very own home.THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO BUY THIS CUSTOM 43LONG BUILD KIT!!! THIS IS REGARDED AS THE BEST CAARY PISTOL EVER DESIGNED,AND THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GET ONE.NOT EVEN GLOCK FACTORY HAS IT. AN ACCURATE, RELIABLE CONCEALABLE  WEAPON WITH THE MUZZLE LENGTH FOR ACCURACY AND ACCURATE FOLLW UP SHOTS.   This kit comes with all the necessary parts for the build,The upper,The frame,A carrying case And a magazine! Choose from four different slide colors without changing the price. Thats right CHOOSE FROM FOR SELECT COLORS FOR ONE PRICE!  if you still want a custom color let us know and like all our products ,we can do it for you .Dont forget your tool kit it is sold seperately .Trust us,its not our idea, thank the Government. Lets get some guns built!


This kit includes:

  • SS 80 80% percent frame
  • Glock 43long upper complete upper
  •  lower parts kit
  • glock case
  • oem magazine

Additional information

Weight 3.04 lbs
Slide Color

Black Slide, Stainless Steel Slide

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