AR-15 7.5″ Stainless Steel Barrel


This is a 7.5 in Ar-15 barrel that shouts excellence. Chambered in .223 WYLDE,this barrel is designed to get optimum performance out of both .223 and 5.56.With a gorgouse 416R stainless steel construction, you will get style and durability outta this barrel.

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  • Made of  416r Stainless
  • Shoots Both .223 and 5.56 Ammo!
  •  barrel is made of the finest barrel makers in the USA Featuring Genuine E.R Shaw Rifled barrel blanks and match grade barrel extensions these barrels are perfect.
  •   1/2×28 threads so you can attach any muzzle device or suppressor,
  •  M4 feedramps for ease of feeding,  .223 wylde chambering.
  •  Bench Rest Shooters for years have always used 416R stainless barrels to obtain insane groupings now you can have that kind of tech on your Ar-15 pistol as well.
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