AR-15 CARBINE Length Gas Tube


Omega Mfg sets the standard for high quality parts. These replacement components will provide excellent fit and reliable function in your AR series rifle and are perfect for upgrading existing components or replacing worn or broken parts. Fit and finish of this gas tube is superb.  Roll Pin included. Rated for full auto fire!  We finally came out with our own 100% USA made gas tube, and they are arguably one of the best gas tubes on the market.  Finished to the highest MIL-SPEC requirements – they are that nice!  Gas check is perfectly formed, polished and finished to provide one of the best gas tubes made.

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AR-15 Stainless Steel Gas Tube CARBINE Length w/ Roll Pin

  • stainless steel
  • carbine length
  • made in the usa
  • roll pin included
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