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Hungarian 7.62 underfolder kit


There’s nothing like an AK-47,take it from us.These are the new complete build kits we have put together.They come with all the parts needed to build your own underfolder .Building an AK-47 is not like building an AR or a glock, the build is much more extensive, making it a build for the more experienced builder.having said that we have built a few and it is doable.You can always call us with questions as far as the process and the necessary tools to complete the job before purchasing. get that classic AK look you have always wanted today.

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Nice condition kits, but the trunnion numbers do not match the rest of the parts that are numbered.

Due to the fact that parts kits come in from over seas in plastic bags stacked on each other we DO NOT guarantee the wood furniture condition.  The only thing we will do is make sure that it’s not broken.

 They are missing the cleaning rod.

All journals are measured as well as the parts to be pressed to make sure the fit is correct.  We set the headspace and check it twice with a GO gauge, with a live round (not fired just for testing the bolt closing) then with a NO-GO gauge.  After setting the headspace we drill the barrel pin hole and ream for the new barrel pin.  The pin is pressed most of the way through so you can press it back out the same way it was put in to remove the barrel for installing rivets.  If you don’t want to use rivets then just press the barrel pin the rest of the way in.

The rear sight, gas block and front sight are pressed on after the barrel pin is installed to make sure everything fits correctly on the barrel.  We use a special fixture to press on each piece to ensure proper alignment.

When reinstalling the barrel I recommend to use a headspace gauge again to make sure you install it back to the original setting.

The parts kits come with just the main parts, no rivets, no center support, no receiver flat, no rails and no tools.


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