New Heavy Duty Armorers Wrench


 A Two Sided Wrench At One End Fits Either Multi-Point or Peg Style Barrel Nuts on Barrels Up To 1″ In Diameter

  A Breaker Bar or Torque Wrench Can Be Fitted Into the 1/2″ Square Driver Opening

  Two Other Slots Fit  Birdcage and Extensions


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The tool is more specifically used for installing and removing buttstocks, free float tubes,  and handguards, and is recommended for all owners.

In addition to a standard stock wrench, the new Combo tool also incorporates the addition of a stock wrench.

The Combo Tool is 6 tools in one. In addition to the uses already mentioned, The tool can be used to align barrel nuts to the gas tube.

In addition to a stock wrench tool and a compensator wrench, it features a 1/2-inch drive for socket and torque tension wrenches as well.

The tool also fits  stocks with 3-point castle nut and locking rings.

The new combo tool is finished in a black textured hard coat, anti-rust finish.