This is a 3d printed barrelnut for your Sg-22, scallywag, or any other build that takes the SG diameter barrel nut. This is perfect to finish of your build, or if you don’t have time to print your own. Lightweight, ergonomic and very attractive, this barrel nut is a great way to finish up any 22lr build.

Only 2 left in stock


  • This is the bigger barrel nut ,not to be confused with the smaller Goldblum barrel nut.
  • will fit SG-22
  • will fit scallywag
  • will fit any build using the sg-handguard
  • 3d printed at 1776 supply co.
  • made  polymaker max ,tough PLA (black)
  • will show minor print imperfections
  • sandable
  • paintable

Credit to BooliganShootingSports™ for the Sg22 barrel nut

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