Sig “DEADRINGER'” 320 kit JIG included


If your in the market for a badass ,Sig p320,this is the kit for you!! This sig p320 comes with everything a sig p320 needs .This sig p320 has ALL the upgrades, ported custom slide, RMR cut, upgraded stainless steel guide rod, stainless barrel, flat faced competition trigger, upgraded fiber optic sights,SIG P320 JIG, and an x carry grip! all that and throw in slick range bag and you got one hell of a set up. If your gunna build a sig…why build a run of the mill one? build your new competition tier sig today!!


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This kit contains the following:

  • S carry case
  • SIG SAUR ported competition slide
  • SIG SAUR factory 9mm barrel
  • upgraded competition guide rod
  • SIG fiber optic sights
  • SIG SAUR frame parts kit
  • SIG SAUR XCARRY size frame
  • 80% modular 320 frame
  • sig p320 jig

Additional information

Weight 3.09 lbs
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