SG-22 print ready Micro sd


This is a reusable micro sd that is SG-22 print ready. The micro sd has the sg-22 files loaded and set up for print. Just load this into your 3d printer and your off!! You are 1 click away from 3d printing your very own SSg-22 at home. All the files have been adjusted and worked in cura already for the best results No need for a computer or to understand infill density, supports, mesh fixes, overhang blah ,blah blah, already done for you so you can get to the fun part faster and easier

Only 8 left in stock


  • ssg-22 files
  • print ready
  • no alterations needed
  • no computer needed
  • compatible with all 3d printers with micros sd

copyable.SD contains :

  • upper receiver file
  • lower receiver file
  • Handguard file
  • Barrel nut file
  • Pistol grip File.
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