Standard Issue 19 // ROBINS EGG SET


Now the valentines day S19  is for any special occasion! Give that Special someone the gift that keeps on giving….Their own compact 19 gift !  choose from three different unique designs that come in their own personalized gift… During checkout in the notes section,leave the name of your significant other and a personalized message and we will take care of the rest! Have an idea for a color/ design not in the options? Let us know! Nothing is out of reach.

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The custom ROBBINS EGG colors on the slide and frames of these parts are cerakote.


Polymer 80 PF940c Frame, Jig & Tooling

  •  19 9mm Gen3 Slide Black Oxide or Stainless Steel
  • Slide made from 416 Stainless Steel
  • Front & Rear Sight Cuts
  • Front & Rear Slide Serrations for optimal racking experience!
  • Comes with Standard Front & Back Glock Sights
  • Stainless Match Grade Barrel 9mm
  • Barrel is made from 416 Stainless Steel & Heat Treated to RC 41
  • Fully Supported chamber & improved feed ramp design
  • Polished Feed Ramp for easy feeding
  • Conventional rifling with a polished chamber and bore to perform well with lead, plated and jacketed bullets

Barrel 1:16 twist rate

  • All internal parts for Slide and Frame
  • Glock lower parts kit
  • extended magazine release
  • extended slide release

No FFL is required to purchase this 80% 19 build kit. This 80% 19 build kit is not considered a firearm and is compliant with the gun control act of 1968 as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3).

This is not an FFL item due the machining required to finish the product. Under BATF this is not a firearm.

Operations left to be performed are:

  • installation of the lower parts kit
  • the installation of the slide
  • fitment
  • Cutting of the rail tabs
  • Cutting of the barrel seat tab
  • Drilling of the 4 locking block pin holes
  • Drilling of the 2 trigger pin holes
  • Fitment: Grinding rails
  • Squaring off Guide rod tab opening

Warning: This product is to be installed by a competent gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from installation or use of this product.

“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.

DISCLAIMER: At 1776 Supply Company, we by no means provide legal advice or legal counsel. Every builder needs to research their respective State laws and Federal laws. We DO NOT provide gunsmithing advice. 1776 supply company is not responsible for improper builds, damage or injury due to user error.

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